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I think that the pictures say everything but one thing and that is that you didn't think it through when you started smoking. The part that you didn't think through, is that one day you're going to have to quit. There is nothing anywhere that says that there will be tobacco tomorrow. There are a lot of things that say that there might not be any tobacco tomorrow.

    1.   There is a ban on advertising.
Radio, TV, Sports... I don't know of anywhere that tobacco companies can advertise.

    2.   The advertising on the packs.
The advertising on the packs are so bad I am not sure if anyone even looks at it anymore.

    3.   Under age ban.
So it is known that the stuff is dangerous and that if there is an outright ban on underage how long do you think it will take for that to include you.

    4.   Pandemic.
I am not going to go into this one too much but let's just say that illness kills off the week first. You're not doing yourself any favours. You need your lungs to breathe.

I could go on about it, mess, smell... no one likes cleaning ash trays not even smokers.

Ok you're going to have to quit and, I can tell you that you have a greater chance of success if you decide to quit. Being forced to quit, you don't have the satisfaction of having beaten it. I have seen it when the tobacco runs out. I know, as I quit 4 times. And I was a heavy smoker, smoking a pack a day, so I know.

So how does one quit? I don't mean substitute one drug for another. I mean healthy living. This is the one time it is completely OK to be completely selfish. Find out...

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